Time Management

Time Management – doing the right stuff on time

2-4 hours duration

Good time management enables us to increase productivity and efficiency. It also strengthens morale by increasing everyone’s sense of accomplishment. Every team, and even every person, has their own unique best answers for both good time and project management. Time Management is not about watching the clock. It is about prioritizing the most important things to do; and whenever possible, doing them in a focused manner. It requires a strategic mindset for thinking clearly and for the greatest long term good. It is crucial to be aware of two competing pressures: Doing what is Urgent vs. doing what is Important. (Stephen Covey)

Competencies developed

  • Goal Setting and Prioritizing
  • Learn 4 key components of Time Management
  • Understand how to use Steven Covey’s basic principles:
  • Be proactive
  • Start with the end in mind
  • First things first
  • Prioritizing using Covey’s “Important and Urgent” table


We can customize this training to your specific needs, group size and goals.