Positive Priming in Training

Positive Priming in Training – leveraging how learner’s brains work

2-6 hours duration

This teaches more about how learner’s brains work, and how to both design and train to fully work with that. Build on the breakthroughs in neuroscience and social research. Learn to compensate for learner’s negative biases, and enable them to learn easily with minimal resistance.

Competencies developed

  • Learning to motivate three areas of the brain critical to long-term memory and learning motivation through calming, convincing and energizing
  • How to rebalance one’s own negativity biases to be more positively influential with trainees
  • How to positively prime oneself and others for more positive attitudes
  • How to use Reframes and Power Reframes to communicate more positively with others
  • Using feedforward to galvanize learning and development in a way that is taken better with less defensiveness

We can customize this training to your specific needs, group size and goals.