Improvisation for Trainers/Facilitators

Improvisation for Trainers/Facilitators – positive flexibility and creativity

3 hours to 2 days duration

Tapping into the lessons from improv theater, we practice using the “yes and” concept and tools for oneself as the leader, and for the group one is leading.

Competencies developed

  • Smoothly and positively responding to pushback, hecklers and negative Nancy’s
  • Using “yes and” to enhance group creativity through energize brainstorming and other tools
  • Co-facilitating with the group as the meeting/training evolves
  • Managing conflict smoothly and positively

Two day training

  • Deeper experiential process that helps participants train their brains to think more “yes and”, be able to live it more in daily life
  • Optional: using improv comedy methods to bring more humor, vitality and fun to an event


We can customize this training to your specific needs, group size and goals.