Facilitator Master Class

Facilitator Master Class – guiding change in people, not just process

1-2 days duration

This is a highly interactive training for experienced facilitators to enhance their presence and skills.
In the one-day training specific facilitation skills are taught and practices. The two-day training is also a transformative experience that strengthens the facilitator’s ability to have a stronger “presence” to guide others with purpose and flexibility.

Competencies developed

1-day training

  • Techniques for engaging the group visually, conversationally, emotionally and mentally
  • Greater influence before and during a facilitation
  • More positively redirect and re-focus participants
  • Improved listening and communication skills

2-day training

  • More grace under pressure
  • Adapting on the fly for greater rapport
  • Fundamentals of creative problem solving
  • Advanced brainstorming
  • Enhanced influence through greater presence


We can customize this training to your specific needs, group size and goals.