Energize Leadership

Energize Leadership – motivate employees with user-friendly brain tools

3 hours to 2 day duration

Motivation is essential to high performance and helping employees to be self-starters. Occasionally it’s helpful to use fear through threats, blaming, punishing, etc. However, most of the time these backfire, especially if you want people to provide great customer service or work together well. This training teaches easy to understand ideas and practical tools for positively influencing people for greater creativity and productivity. You still have to face the hard truths, but these tools will help you to then shift your focus to how to get people motivated and focused on completing their tasks in a positive way.

  • Learning to motivate three areas of the brain critical to long-term performance through calming, convincing and energizing
  • How to rebalance one’s own negativity biases to be more realistic and optimistic
  • How to positively prime oneself and others for more positive attitudes
  • How to use Reframes and Power Reframes to communicate more positively with others
  • Using feedforward to galvanize performance improvement in a way that is taken better with less defensiveness
  • Use of the Positive Change Questions to motivate fast improvement in a positive way


We can customize this training to your specific needs, group size and goals.