Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People – Influencing Jerks, Debbie Downers, Toddlers, and Other Disagreeable People

1 day duration

You will learn how to identify and deal with difficult people. Negative colleagues generally fall into three categories:

  1. People with chronic negative attitudes.
  2. People who are just going through a negative time, but who have high potential if they are energized or helped out.
  3. People who you believe are negative, but in reality it’s only your perspective.

Competencies developed

  • To get your own mind frame straight before approaching the difficult person.
  • Creating common ground.
  • Using clear, common goals to refocus disputes back to team work.
  • Initiating a win-win solution when possible.
  • Using language to calm, soothe and focus self and others.
  • Understanding the effect of good conflict management on productivity and safety.
  • Bring more influence and positivity to your personal life as well.


We can customize this training to your specific needs, group size and goals.