Best DNA Team Building

Best DNA Team Building – increase team passion and add more value

3-6 hours duration

Bring your team to a new height of cohesion and focus. High performance teams are not just a collection of individual thrown together. Develop the rapport to be open when team members need help, and to give help when needed. Help them learn to play to each other’s strengths, while feeling confident playing to their own strengths. The best teams have a clear sense of common purpose. This program can help your team up its game in all of these ways and more. By the way, your team will have lots of laughs and high fives along the way.

Note: The 6-hour version includes the Team Best DNA assessment and more team activities to build relationships as well as improve group problem-solving skills. This longer version can be adapted to address additional team skills you want developed. It can also be embedded into a leadership retreat, company offsite, etc.

Competencies developed

Strengthening relationships of trust and openness
Learning each other’s strengths and what inspires passion at work for each person
Being better able to provide an authentically positive and united team identity that attracts others to want to work with you
Enhancing your Team’s Best DNA to improve its inter-team performance and reputation (6 hour version only)


We can customize this training to your specific needs, group size and goals.