Leadership University Classes

LeadershipU-LogoLanguage of Influence

The art and science of priming to communicate, guide and motivate.

Competencies Developed

  • Understanding of the responsibilities and challenges of leadership
  • Beginning to understand how our words and tone of voice effect others and how to craft our language for greater effectiveness
  • Gaining skill in using calm focus to manage stressful situations
  • Learning to energize oneself and others by priming “inner movies”

Best DNA Coaching

Ignite passion and productivity by building on the best of who they are.

Competencies Developed

  • Ability to gain valuable developmental insight from employees
  • Discovering one’s Best DNA (Core Purpose & Principles, Passionate Strengths, and Value Added to others).
  • Learning to build on one’s Best DNA to increase passion and performance.
  • Coaching others through their Best DNA to increase their passion and performance
  • Translating insight and awareness into improved performance

Art of Improvement

Improving behavior, morale and performance

Competencies Developed

  • Using the powerful Positive Change Questions for energizing change
  • Compelling communication through Power Reframes
  • Collecting useful feedback and feedforward
  • Building strong habits, strong teams and strong employees

Creative Conflict

Decreasing the cost, and increasing the creativity.

Competencies Developed

  • Using Energize Brainstorming (creative conflict) for innovation and team building
  • Employee engagement
  • Creating common ground
  • Using common goals to refocus disputes back to team work
  • Using language to calm, soothe and focus self and others
  • Understanding the effect of good conflict management on the bottom line

Leading Teams

Driving team Performance with energized leadership.

Competencies Developed

  • Team guidance: G.R.I.P.: Clarification of goals, roles, interpersonal dynamics and process
  • Engaging and motivating teams through Team Best DNA
  • Creating synergy on team projects
  • Staff development
  • Understanding the effect of strong teams on the bottom line

Strategic Thinking

Guiding complex systems

Competencies Developed

  • Understanding the Value Chain from vendors to customers for your company
  • Strategic leadership
  • Ability to understand the “big picture” while decision making
  • Discovering your organizations Best DNA (what it does best to add value)
  • Aligning processes with corporate goals and Best DNA
  • Stakeholder awareness and buy-in


Generating process and product improvements

Competencies Developed

  • Fundamentals of Innovation
  • Using innovation techniques to cut waste, increase throughput, and streamline processes
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Advanced brainstorming
  • Use of the Solution-Generating Process (eight step process) for energizing innovation

Compelling Communication

Changing hearts and minds

Competencies Developed

  • The art and science of moving people emotionally and convincing them intellectually
  • Creating powerful presentations
  • Moving people with stories, facts, and multimedia
  • Greater motivating and influencing skills

Final Presentation & Graduation

Synthesizing Learning, ROI Presentation and Graduation

Competencies Developed

  • How to proactively develop your career
  • Presentation skills polished
  • Enhancing all leadership skills learned thus far
  • Fine-tuning cost/benefit analysis skills for the value you bring to the company