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About Leadership University

Leadership University program is customized to help your company leaders reach their strategic goals.  Depending on your strategic goals, the program can be designed for a series of five to twelve classes for a period of six to twelve months that will enable leaders to energize their people for greater productivity, morale and profitability.  Leaders will:

  • Work together on real work challenges, in class and at work, to ensure that they actually are able to use the skills they are learning.
  • Be coached by our faculty on how to “move toward mastery” in the skills most important to them.
  • Become a tight interdepartmental team that relies on each other long after the program is over.

Ready to create your program?

We’ll take you through an interactive assessment, so that you can determine which strategic goals and competencies will energize your company.


How It Works

1. Strategic Goals: Designing Your Leadership U to Meet Your Strategic Goals

2. Competencies: Choosing Classes Based Upon the Competencies Needed to Achieve Your Strategic Goals

3. ROI: How the Leadership U Creates Great ROI