The Leadership University uses ‘Unified Learning’ methods.

Lessons learned in one class are reinforced and further developed in later classes.  The “homework” between classes provides an opportunity for you to apply skills learned in the classroom to real-world organizational issues and opportunities.  In fact, often the practice projects produce sufficient savings to pay for the entire cost of the Leadership University!

You will:

  1. learn the lessons,
  2. teach them to others,
  3. apply them on the job,
  4. and move towards mastery in the skills you find the most valuable.

This will help you to develop professionally, and end up a more skilled and valuable contributor. One of the wonderful side-benefits that you will discover is that many of these skills help in your personal life as well. To your (and your families’) delight, you will become more positive and supportive at home.

  1. Overview of Leadership U’s From an Executive Perspective
  2. Designing Your Leadership U to Meet Your Strategic Goals
  3. Choosing Classes Based Upon the Competencies Needed to Achieve Your Strategic Goals
  4. How the Leadership U Creates Great ROI
  5. More on How Unified Learning (LU Approach) Works

Why Unified Learning Programs like Energize U and Leadership U
work so well:

  1. How Business Can Help Measure Education Outcomes that Matter
  2. Why leadership-development programs fail January 2014
    by Pierre Gurdjian, Thomas Halbeisen, and Kevin Lane 

 Leadership Insights

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